Commonly Used or Important References

— 1 —
Smith, Murray. 1993. Neural Networks for Statistical Modeling.
[Recommended by Prof Mahajan, University of Colorado at Boulder, personal correspondence. ]

— 2 —
Rumelhart, David E., Geoffrey E. Hinton, and Ronald J. Williams. 1986b. “Learning Internal Representations by Error Propagation”. In Parallel Distributed Processing, Volume 1: Foundations, ed. David E. Rumelhart, James L. McClelland and the PDP Research Group, pp. 318-362. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.

— 3 —
Werbos, Paul. 1974. Beyond Regression: New Tools for Prediction and Analysis in the Behavioral Sciences. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Department of Applied Mathematics.

— 4 —
Le Cun, Yann. 1986. Learning Processes in a Asymetric Threshold Network. In Disordered Systems and Biological Organization, ed. E. Bienenstock, F. Fogelman Soulie, and G. Weisbuch. Berlin: Springer.

— 5 —
Turing, Alan. October 1950. “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, Mind.

— 6 —
Hofstadter, Douglas. 1979. Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid.

“Neural Networks for Statistical Modeling”, Murray Smith, 1993.
Recommended by Prof Mahajan, University of Colorado at Boulder

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