What is an Algorithm?

The term “Algorithm” is a broad one, but on this blog I will use it primarily to refer to a set of computer instructions for completing some task.

I will not in this introduction dive into a discussion of denotations, the etymology of the word, classifications and history of algorithms, and so forth — it is not my intention to reproduce encyclopedia pages here. Instead, I would like to use this space for personal musings and explorations, and as a means to learn with my readership about those things that make algorithms so damn interesting.

My first order of business on this blog is to pick some low hanging fruit: I’d like to share some unoriginal ideas about algorithms as a way of establishing some common foundation for our discussion. You may already be familiar with these ideas, but bear with me. Brushing upon them will help me justify the existence and discover the direction of this blog.


November 17, 2008. General.

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